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We are once again moving servers. There should not be a huge break in service, but there is a possibility that the site will quit working once the domain is propagating. Please wait until you see the message that the move is complete before uploading anything to the archive (few days).

Also I'm turning off anonymous reviews on the new one, so hopefully that will cut down on some of the spam.

Merlina/Admin on 12/01/12 - 05:43PM (36 Comments)

Server is moved

Once you see this message it means that the domain DNS change has gone through; however, sometimes not all of the site has been completely updated correctly. Please wait until 9/28/10 if you are planning on uploading a story or submitting a review, as it is possible it could show up on the old server.

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Thank you.

Merlina on 09/27/10 - 02:01AM (29 Comments)

Moving Server

Please do not post anything new (stories or reviews) for the next few days (until I post here again) as I am moving this to a new server and anything posted in that time will be lost. Thank you.

Merlina on 09/26/10 - 05:00PM (37 Comments)

Up and Running!

It appears that the archive is now working correctly, so if you have any more problems, please let me know. Note though that the need to be authorized for NC-17 is most likely still there, I don't think that is related to this problem.

Merlina on 06/12/08 - 09:27PM (37 Comments)

Now Just to Wait

The account has been switched so now just the DNS change has to go through, which can take up to 72 hours (this is the amount I was just told) sometimes though it goes through faster it depends. The only thing I'm not sure about is the email address change over so if you can't get me for the next few days over this domain, please email me at admin@kylexyfans.com as that account hasn't been changed. It's possible that during the change over this site could go down, you can also check kylexyfans.com for updates.

Merlina on 06/12/08 - 09:28AM (35 Comments)

Archive Is FINALLY Being Fixed

I apollogize for the long delays and appreciate your patience. I thought I had found a work around but it caused the same problems, so I have now set in motion the site being set to change over the DNS. As soon as my webserver providers sets it up within the account I will be changing it; however, it can take up to 48 hours after that fact to propagate (sometimes less though) so within the next few days you should be able to stay logged in. Again I apologize for the delays and I do hope that this doesn't stop people from continuing to use this archive. I will post again when the move is complete.

Merlina on 06/12/08 - 08:38AM (32 Comments)

Still Working with Tech Support

Just wanted to add an update that I am still trying to fix the problem. From what tech support has told me my site should never have worked the way it did before they changed things (when it worked fine!)...go figure, what can I do. To fix the problem I am probably going to have to switch my domains around. If you don't understand any of this, not to worry, the point is within the next few days I should have the problem cleared up.

Merlina on 05/22/08 - 12:58AM (32 Comments)

More Archive Problems

It seems that even though I switched over to the new ip, people are having problems logging into the system. I am getting help with tech support and will have it resolved soon. Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned for more updates.

Merlina on 05/06/08 - 11:42AM (34 Comments)

Archive Up and Running!

The fanfiction archive problems have been fixed and everything should work fine now. If you still have a problem, please let me know. Thank you for your patience.

Merlina on 05/04/08 - 01:33PM (35 Comments)

Updates and Interview

This isn't particularly fanfiction news, but I do have some great news about Kyle XY. Media Blvd. was lucky enough to take part in an interview with Chris Olivero (Declan), and I was the lucky one to get to be a part of it. You can listen to part of the interview on Bionic Angels this week! You can read more about it and other Kyle XY news at this site's sister site, kylexyfans.com!

Merlina on 01/22/08 - 03:23PM (36 Comments)


New episodes are upon us soon so I hope that more of you will get writing! I've started a community at livejournal (Kyle XY Gift Exchange) that soon will become a gift exchange (not much is there yet) so we can get those creative juices flowing! So stay tuned!

I've also added some characters and pairings to the choices that should have been there before (thanks to AndraDee for the suggestion). Has anyone in their pairings chosen one with OC (as other not original)? I ask because before I only had other character and forgot original characters, so I want to add OFC and OMC to the pairings, but I want to find out if it will mess anyone's categories up so I can correct them if need be. Just comment to let me know

Merlina on 01/10/08 - 03:58PM (33 Comments)

More about access problems

If you are having problems accessing the higher rated stories, it's not always a validation problem. Before requesting help, please make sure you have it checked in your profile settings that you are over the age of consent. That has been the problem with a lot of accounts. Also please include your username with your questions/comments so I know who you are.

Merlina on 06/18/07 - 10:48PM (35 Comments)

Not sure why...

I'm not sure why but it seems some people have been having trouble accessing NC-17 stories. Evidently you must be a validated author (which makes no sense that should be to post) so I am just validating everyone. Eventually if this archive does become moderated I may have to change everyone's status back to not validated until I see how they post, but as of now that's not an issue, and I would only do that if I figured out this rating problem. Anyway, I don't always see who needs to be validated, so if you have a problem, just email me.

Oh and we have 200 members!!!

Merlina on 06/11/07 - 11:41PM (32 Comments)

Email problems & Avatars

I would just like to point out that it seems a couple of you may not have entered a correct email address when you joined. I tried sending an email to all members and a few bounced back. If you did not get a welcome email from me (I just sent it today) please check your member options.

Also, you should be able to add an avatar/icon to your profile without a problem. If you encounter a problem, please let me know.

Merlina on 10/18/06 - 04:19PM (33 Comments)

More Pairing Categories

I added a category for Kyle/Josh and also for Josh/Declan in case anybody decides to write that pairing.

Merlina on 09/09/06 - 07:31PM (41 Comments)

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